Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Still Awesome Three Years Later

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Still Awesome Three Years Later

When it comes to role-playing games on mobile, there are a ton of high-quality choices out there.

But few of them are as legendary as the Final Fantasy series and, even among those bearing the name, only one does the iconic title justice as a game, and that would be Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

Developed by Alim for the mobile market for Square Enix, Brave Exvius is not a port or translation of some other FF game but rather its own thing.

This is not only evident in the vibrant artwork and huge character sprites but also in how the game approaches storytelling and other traditional FF mechanics.

Perfect for those gamers that are looking for a great narrative or an action-heavy title, Brave Exvius does a lot of different things and excels at most of them.

This includes a single-player campaign mode with a unique cast of characters and an involved storyline that has the spirit, if not the depth, of some of the mainline titles. It is well written and makes sense within its own logic but there are moments when it is jarringly different from other Final Fantasy narratives and those stand out.

Aside from this, there are tons of monthly events and daily quests as well as raids and other challenges for players to undertake. There’s even an arena where you can face off against powerful monsters, among other things.

But the real draw for Brave Exvius (for both Final Fantasy fans and newcomers) will be the vast amounts of equipment, abilities, and characters you can collect in the game. And we’re not just talking palette swaps, either.

Employing a gacha mechanic for obtaining new characters, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius not only offers its own unique characters but also the heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy pantheon as well as Square Enix’s broader universe. Heck, even Ariana Grande makes an appearance as a character in FF Brave Exvius.

Not only that, but players can obtain powerful equipment from special events that are held throughout the year. The best part of this system is that players at all levels will find something useful, unlike most games which only give the best to the gamers who have already sunk hours into the title.

As a game, FFBE shines for its ability to stay relevant and keep pumping out new content. Players that are looking for something that is constantly engaging and rewarding - whether you purchase microtransactions or not - will love Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Plus, there’s so much to love. Whether it is the attention to detail with the graphics, the really awesome and intuitive controls, or the epic soundtrack. FFBE is one of the most high-quality Japanese role-playing games currently on mobile.

Offering a little something for everyone, it is also one of the more accessible games for non-fans that is currently on offer from Square Enix.

Perfect for gamers that like a commitment without spending a ton of money as well as those who enjoy a good story and high-quality content, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a must-download mobile title.

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