The Top Five Platformers of The PSX Era

The Top Five Platformers of The PSX Era

Is the topic of The Top Five Platformers of the PSX era one that's bound to generate nostalgia? Sure, the glory days of the PSX are all but a sweet notion of the past, subscribed to the annals of history. Although that might be true in literal terms, this era of excellence will never be forgotten. Often, it's a time that children of the '90s hark bark on with rose-tinted glasses. As technology advances at an accelerated rate, it's easy to lose sight of just how instrumental the PSX was on the gaming landscape today.

In hindsight, Sony's first voyage into console territory marked the promise of new horizons and began the bold transition from 2D to 3D worlds. Despite this monumental sea change in the way we perceive visual stimuli, Sony's flagship console cooked up some of the best platform games of its generation. That said, let's revisit the top five platformers of the PSX era.

Symphony of The Night

First up, we have Symphony of The Night. Just when we thought 2D games were an outdated and obsolete art form. Well, up pops SOTN to defend the honor of 2D, in commanding fashion. Konami's crown jewel, released in 1997, revolutionized side-scrolling games and reinvented the genre on a whole new level.

Interestingly, the Legend of Zelda series heavily inspired the game's director, Koji Igarashi. As a result, the dev-team incorporated large-scale exploration and back-tracking elements. Hence, a new phrase was coined, based on this principle: Metroidvania. In truth, this is a hack and slash gem that does extreme justice to the source material. All the while, it gives 2D platforming a reason to exist in the new age. This is a fitting way to kickstart our list of the top five platformers of the PSX era.

Crash Bandicoot

Many of youperhaps have heard of our next loveable rogue. Crash Bandicoot first burst onto the scene worldwide in 1996 and took the world by storm. Both Sonic and Mario propped up their respective consoles as iconic cult symbols. However, Sony at the time was without their ace in the whole. Finally, Naughty Dog's whacky maverick marsupial was to become the PlayStationsultimate pin-up.

"Crash" will always be remarked upon for it's larger than life characters, eye-popping polygons and catchy, rhythm enthused OST. Not to mention, traditional platforming elements. Besides, foiling a mad scientist's plans for world domination is surely every child's dream — a true legend of its time and age.

Spyro The Dragon

Now, here's a blast from the past. Spyro epitomized the platforming prowess of the '90s. What's more, the Dragon Kingdom and the five worlds contained within provided some of the most original artistic concepts of the era.

Surrounded by a pixel-rich paradise of color, collecting gems, freeing dragons, and torching enemies were just so much fun, that it inspired a reboot of the original series. Such was the nature of Spyro's soulful charm and infectious spirit at the time. Indeed, a worthy entry to the top five platformers of the PSX Era.


Fourth to grace this list is the bright and beautiful Tomba, a side-scroller that's oozing with a vibrancy of color and depth of originality. In Tomba's quest to retrieve a stolen heirloom, he must confront an evil race of pigs, hellbent on using their destructive powers to wreak havoc across the land. Crammed full of fun quests, quirky characters and eye-catching visuals, this is a spirited tale that platforming purists cannot afford to miss. Undoubtedly, a deserved entry into the top five platformers of the PSX era.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Last on this list of the top five platformers of the PSX era is Oddworld: Abe's Odysee. Strangely, this is a dystopian hybrid of a game enthused political themes with dark humor, in a twisted yet imaginative way. Thanks to an array of inventive in-game systems like mind manipulation, and the beautiful but bizarre character sprites, Oddworld stands-out as fun and cerebral adventure even to this day. An odd yet elegant way to finish off our list of the top five platformers of the PSX era.

That caps-off our list of the top five platformers of the PSX era. Which classic titles give you the nostalgia goosebumps? Did we miss out any games deserving of a place on this list? Have your say in the comments. Your opinions matter to us.

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